Our Hair Regimen

Heyy Nique Babies! ♥

When you are new or just starting out on your natural hair journey you may not be so sure how to build your natural hair care regimen. Or perhaps you have been natural for sometime now and have come to the conclusion that its time for a change in how you care for your hair. Whatever the case may be building a regimen doesn't have to be challenging, all it needs are the basics: Cleansing, Conditioning, Moisturizing, Detangling, and Protective and or Low Manipulation Styles.

Healthy hair doesn't just happen -- it's usually the result of judicious care. But what if you don't know where to begin when it comes to a structured routine for your tresses? Don't worry; a hair regimen doesn't need to be complicated or expensive, but you should make time to perform a basic set of steps on a regular basis to keep your hair as healthy as possible.

A hair care routine should consist of the following:

Sunday: Shampoo, Conditioning, Deep Conditioning

Monday to Saturday: Daily Moisturize (Oil treatment)

Monthly: Protein Treatment

Nightly Protection: Silk or Satin hair cover/Pillowcase


N.B Deep Conditioning Must Be Done Every 2 weeks for 15mins.

How we spend our Christmas!

Heyy Lil mama's && Papa's

Neena && I christmas was kind of fun in some sort of way ☺

We were suppose to attend a family reunion in montego bay, jamaica but it was cancel because majority of our family members couldn't make it. This family reunion was suppose to be a excited, exhausted, annoying, fun yet dirty laundries (untold stories) would come out if you know what i mean :) it was very important to all of us especially to my mom, she hadn't seen her dad in about 36 years thats really long! 3 decays...

Moreover, Neena and i spend christmas with just mom, big sis and bro and their annoying kids (i love polite kids) but it was fun because i ate so much food and i cleaned the house from top to bottom the food was my reward. ☺ My mom cooked roasted pork, baked chicken and curry mutton with rice & peas (hmmm tasty) and that sorrel drink with rum cake and casserole (omg talking about this food makes me hungry) 

I get to eat alot of food. Christmas is the day people sin most because you eat so much even though you dont want it :) its in the bible..

For christmas neena and i did our DIY braces. We didnt go no outdoors We stayed in and watch alot of  christmas movies. "My christmas heart" made me cry. Home alone and the Grinch Omg laughter i love jim carrey so much gonna meet him one day !

In Jamaica on christmas day these slangs are not said;
1. "You just a eat down the place like its christmas"
2. "Beg you a money nuh? Think a everyday a christmas"
3. "Yuh just a give away everything suh, yuh mussi think a christmas"

Lool Patios ❤
Xoxo Nique

How to Whiten Your Nails at home

1. Whitening Toothpaste – I tried this one first. It’s easy and it works! Use a baby toothbrush to apply it and give your nails a good scrub for a minute or two. You may need to do it several times depending on how stained your nails are…

2.  Lemon Juice & Baking Soda – Squeeze half of a lemon (or more) into a plastic bowl, and then add and blend baking soda until you get a nice abrasive paste-like texture. Then use an old toothbrush to scrub your nails with it. Rinse, and repeat if needed.

3. Hydrogen Peroxide & Baking Soda – Mix the two together until you’ve got a paste-like texture. Cover your nails with it and allow the mixture to sit on them for about 3 minutes before rinsing it off with warm water.

4. Nail Whitening Pencil – I didn’t know this existed until recently! You can pick one up at a local drugstore, maybe even Walmart or Target, too. I like to apply it under the tips of my nails to make them look healthier.

5. Base Coat – Prevent stained nails from happening in the first place by using a base coat. Duh, right? It’s definitely worth the extra step! Don’t forget that most of these techniques can dry your hands out, so apply a good moisturizer once you’re finished.

How to be successful on bubblews

Heyy Everyone ! ♥

So today/Night we'll be talking about patience.. I see most of you complaining about the fact that you can't make no money and you can't get no views or whatever Bubblews isn't here to pay you a chunk of money as you post something.. Its here for you to interact with different people, get to learn about the different ways people see the world...stuff like that...You should write great post so people could view and have a wonderful time reading it :) honestly my first day was rough i was like "i thought i was going to get dollars i'm not a writer i can't do this" but as time goes by i got the hang of it and here i am still bubbling and make a dollar a day and i'm happy so i think you should do this to get better okay ?

1. You need an audience you need somebody to view, like and comment.. You can do so by following a random amount of persons.

2. Be creative dont copy what someone else has because you came here with your own mind so write whatever comes to your mind and have fun with it.

3. don't watch your bank too often because the more you see the cents barely moving the more you lose interest and the more you'll start to be depressed and wondering what your doing wrong... So dont do it

4. View other persons post see what they do to entertain their followers DO NOT COPY sometimes when you read other persons stuff you get an idea of what to post

HOPE this help thanks for reading ! ☺♥

Wash N Go "Frizz Free"

Here some Steps to Wash and Go !

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Transitioning Hair Products

Hey Guys ♥

You might be wondering why you need specific products to put in your hair to just go back natural right? well your hair is relaxed so you need to cure your ends and roots. If you are considering transitioning from relaxed to natural, you will soon find that your relaxed-hair product line-up and tools are not going to give you what you need to maintain your new, natural hair. If you are in process of transitioning, you may feel like you are struggling to piece together a hair care regimen. There are some basic things you will need to transition, and others you can add along the way as you learn more about your hair type. I started out with these:

Our Products:

L'oreal Vive Pro Glossy Volume Shampoo
L'oreal Vive Pro Glossy Volume Condition
Olive Cholesterol Deep Conditioning Creme- (Ebay.com $3.89)
Aphogee Pro-Vitamin Leave in Conditioner- (Ebay.com $8.00)
Herbal Oil (Amazon.com $10:00)
Carrot Tea-Tree Oil (Amazon.com $6.16)
Olive & Tea-Tree Edge Smoothing Pomade (Amazon.com $4.81)


How to be Confident within Yourself

Heyy Nique Babies! ♥

1. Always begin at the end.
There are so many people that I've asked, What do you want to do? What do you want to be? and they would say, I don't know. Knowing what you want is the key. Everything else you do should be leading you where you want to go.
2. Start with gratitude.
Begin the day by thinking about some of the things you have to be grateful for. Most of the 7 billion people in the world won't have the opportunities you do. "If you start out with that perspective, you'll be in the right frame of mind for the rest of the day."
3. Take a daily step outside your comfort zone.
There's a funny thing about comfort zones. If we step outside them on a regular basis, they expand. If we stay within them, they shrink. Avoid getting trapped inside a shrinking comfort zone by pushing yourself to do things that are outside it.
4. Get ready to bounce back.
It's not failure that destroys our confidence, it's not getting back up. Once we get back up, we've learned what doesn't work and we can give it another try.

5. Breathe!
This one is so simple. If you breathe heavily, it saturates your brain with oxygen and makes you more awake and aware. It's very important in a tense situation because it will make you realize that you control your body, and not your unconscious mind. If you're not practicing breathing, you should be."

Handling that Curly Hair Struggle

1. HANDS OFF! Don’t interrupt your curls while they’re drying, or they will frizz up.
2. AVOID SNAGS: Detangle in the shower before rinsing out your conditioner. It’ll make for easier styling and less breakage.
3. BODY OF WORK: Make your workout session double as a curl treatment. Before you hit the elliptical or treadmill, run DevaCurl Styling Cream through your locks and twist up in a bun. The heat your body produces while working out allows curls to soak in moisture and conditioners.
4. IT’S ALL IN THE DETAILS: For natural, healthy curls, only use a defining or styling gel that's alcohol and silicone-free, and soluble in water—as the gel can remain in your hair for 2-3 days.
5. DON’T FRACTURE YOUR HAIR! Remember to remove your hair from your shoulders before slinging on your handbag, backpack or messenger bag.
6. BOOST YOUR ROOTS! To give your curls at the top of your hair extra volume, lift and clip the hair at the roots while it’s still wet. Doing so will release the top layer from its own weight, allowing it to dry faster and in an even curl pattern from roots to ends. Clipping also speeds the drying process.
7. HANDLE WITH CARE: Precious hair fibers require special attention. Using a soft fiber cloth or DevaTowel, gently rotate and “scrunch-squeeze” curls in an upward motion toward the scalp to absorb extra moisture.
8. HYDRATE! Invest in a top-quality humidifier for your home. A humidifier will encourage curls and keep your hair and skin from drying out! 
9. PIN UP: For a curlier look on dry or second-day hair, try the pin method. Starting at the crown, wrap a section of hair around your finger, slide the finger out, hold the coil with your other hand and insert a clip at a right angle. After the hair is dry, gently remove the clips and loosen curls with your fingers. Finish with a tilt and scrunch.
Sign: Neenah♥

Tips To get a better Tan

1. Using Sunscreen.

Some of the best secrets to getting a good tan are really not that much of a secret. A lot of people don’t know this but using sunscreen is a very effective way of getting an amazing tan. You want to make sure you use a good type of sunscreen with a reasonable SPF level. You can also use things such as bronzes or different types of tanning oils. Right before you tan and get situated to do just that make sure to cover your body in the product of your choice. After about 15 minutes re-apply the same product on again and switch tanning positions. This way your whole body gets the same amount of sun and not one spot on your body is missed by the sun.

2.  Tanning Outside.

he most effective type of color you can get is from the sun. You are better off going to the beach, or just laying outside somewhere nearby when you are trying to get that good tan. You want to make sure you are moving around constantly so that your whole body can eat up the suns rays and you can get an equal but nice tan. This is the healthiest way to get a tan. Stick to the natural way of tanning and avoid using tanning beds whenever you can.

3. Staying Hydrated.

Staying hydrated is an important key when it comes to getting a nice and perfect tan. You want to make sure that you shower daily, and drink a lot of water. By keeping your body up to shape and feeding it all of its natural resources it will definitely improve your tan. Water will make your skin look a lot healthier and help your skin get all of the rays from the sun.

4. Avoid Tanning Beds.

Avoid tanning beds. This is probably the best piece of advice when it comes to tanning. You don’t want to tan in these beds because studies have determined that these beds are unsafe for your skin and health. To much time in these things can cause severe damage to your skin which can then lead to different types of skin diseases. Stick to the natural way of tanning and go outside. Don’t waste your time or money on these things because your just putting your skin and health in danger.

5. Protecting Your Eyes.

While tanning you want to make sure that you are wearing something to cover both of your eyes. Sunglasses are probably the best way to go. You want to make sure the sun is getting all of your body its rays and sunlight but you want to make sure that your eyes are protected. To much sun for your eyes is not healthy.

6. Moving While Tanning.

Moving while tanning is mandatory at all times when tanning. You want to make sure you are moving around every 5-10 minutes so that one part of your body doesn’t receive to much of the sun. This will help improve your skins tan dramatically because everything will be one nice and even tan color. The best thing you can do while tanning is switching different positions that you tan in.

Reasons Not to be Friendly with Everyone

* The person/people you'll meet at different places can have different personalities, they might be hating on you & you wouldn't know because you're being too friendly.

* Not everybody is your friend, you have backstabbers, liars, hypocrites & illiterate people out there that you can't trust.

* being too friendly will put you in too many trouble, you got to take time a good amout of months or years to know someone & call them your FRIEND.

* No matter how nice or friendly you are to people in this generation they'll turn around & be your enemy.

* You can be too friendly to a drug dealer or a mad person and you'll end up in prison without knowing what you did.

* Words from a Legend: Keep your friends close but your enemies closer - Bob Marley.

Honey Remedies to Thicken Hair

Heyy Guys! ♥

One of the major causes of thin hair due to hair loss is lack of nutrients that your hair face. If you do not include well balanced nutrients in your diet, your hair will gradually become weak and start falling off. Some ingredients also nourish your hair when applied directly to your scalp and hair. Honey is one of them. Honey contains a lots of vitamins and minerals. It also acts as humectant which attracts moisture and keep your hair hydrated so that they do not break due to dryness. Honey is one of the great foods for your hair that provides it with proper nourishment.

1st Way to Use Honey for Thick Hair: Honey-Sage Hair Tonic

• Get this:
-Honey- 1 tbsp
-Dried Sage- 1 tbsp
-Olive oil or Coconut oil- ½ tbsp
-Water- ½ cup

•Do this:
-Mix all the ingredients to make your nourishing hair tonic.
-Massage your scalp with this for about 5 minutes.
-Leave for half an hour.
-Wash off with your regular shampoo or some herbal shampoo.
-Repeat once every week.

2nd Way to Use Honey for Thick Hair: Honey Hair Conditioner

• Get this:
-Honey- 2 tbsp
-Olive oil or Coconut oil- 1 tbsp
-Yogurt or Buttermilk- 1 tsp

• Do this:
-Heat your oil to make it warm. Take care not to make it hot.
-Add honey and yogurt to warm oil. If your hair is oily, use buttermilk instead of yogurt.
-Mix well to get a well blended mixture.
-Wet your hair to make it damp. You may also use this conditioner after washing your hair.
-Apply the conditioner to your hair and wear a shower cap to keep the heat trapped into it.
-Leave for about 15-20 minutes.
-Now rinse your hair with lukewarm water.
-Repeat once in a week or fortnight.

4 Home Remedies for Itchy scalp

1. Lemon Juice 

 Lemon juice will help treat an itchy and dry scalp because of its antiseptic properties. It is particularly useful when dealing with dandruff.

You can simply apply fresh lemon juice thoroughly on the scalp. Leave it on for five minutes and then shampoo your hair. If you do not have dandruff, dilute the lemon juice in water.
Alternately, you can mix lemon juice with yogurt and apply it on your scalp for a few minutes before washing your hair with a mild shampoo. Repeat at least daily until itchiness and dryness disappears.

 2. Baking Soda

Another readily available ingredient that can relieve an itchy scalp is baking soda. It helps relieve itching by exfoliating the scalp and controlling dandruff caused by overactive fungi.

Make a paste with baking soda and water and apply it directly onto your scalp. For best results, rub some olive oil on your scalp before applying the baking soda paste.
Allow it to soak into your scalp for 10 to 15 minutes and then rinse well with water.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has powerful anti-inflammatory properties that help kill the yeast and virus that can cause itchy scalp. Also, apple cider vinegar balances the pH levels of the scalp, which may help relieve itching and dryness.
Rinse your hair and scalp with water and allow it to dry.
Mix equal amounts of apple cider vinegar and water and pour the mixture into a spray bottle. Apply this mixture directly onto your scalp with the help of cotton balls. Spray it on your scalp.
After few minutes, shampoo with normal water.
Follow this remedy once or twice a week.

4. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera gel contains moisturizing properties, which may relieve excessive dryness and itching. If fresh aloe vera gel 
is not available, you can purchase the gel.

Spread some fresh aloe vera gel onto your scalp using your fingers.
Allow it to sit for 10 to 15 minutes and then wash your hair with a mild shampoo.

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Ways to Get Healthier Skin over the Winter

The parched air during the winter months can take a toll on skin, leaving it dry and itchy.
  • I liked to offer these suggestions to help ward off dry skin during winter:
  • Run a humidifier that's set to about 60 percent.
  • Bathe only once daily for up to 10 minutes, using lukewarm (not hot) water.
  • Use moisturizing cleanser over plain soap.
  • Allow shave gel or cream to soak into your skin before you begin shaving.
  • Don't use a washcloth, sponge or scrub brush on your skin.
  • Apply moisturizer immediately after bathing or washing hands.
  • If you have an itch, don't scratch. Instead, apply a cold compress or moisturizer.

12 Fashionable Stores Online ♥

1. Forever 21

This is probably the most popular website for college students to buy clothing from. Forever 21 always has the latest trends and their clothes are incredibly cheap. This is one of my favorite stores to order clothes and accessories from online. Shopping online at Forever 21 is great because you can most likely find everything that you want in your size, whereas the stores may not always carry everything. It also has clothing for virtually everyone -- from the Love 21 collection to the plus size collection. And yes, boys, you can shop here too! The men's section has a wide variety of hip clothing to choose from!

2. Mod Deals

Mod Deals is an online women's fashion store that sells accessories, jewelry, purses and beauty products. The items are inexpensive and cute.

3. Stylesforless

Styles For Less has many store locations, but doing your online shopping from the website is the easiest option. It sells women's clothing, footwear and more. There are tons of amazing deals and sales, as well as several clothing options. I don't think many college students know about this website, so you should definitely check it out when you're online shopping.

4. 10 dollar Mall

This website has clothes under $10 for everyone. You can get men's and women's clothing for really low prices. The best part is that everything is trendy and either $10 or less. You can't go wrong with shopping here because you won't have to completely empty your pockets and feel guilty about buying a bunch of things later.

5. Necessary Clothing

Necessary Clothing has fashionable women's clothing at cheap prices. You can get free shipping if you spend $125 or more within the US. Check out the new arrivals, sales, dresses, shoes, and more. This is a great website to shop at that not many college students are aware of.

6. Charlotte Russe

Charlotte Russe is a popular store for young women. I love this store, but unfortunately, my campus does not have one anywhere near it, so the website is where I do my shopping. There are always deals going on at Charlotte Russe, especially for shoes. You can buy one pair of shoes and get another pair for $5. The skirts and dresses are stylish and super cheap.

7. Rue 21

Rue 21 offers amazing clothes for both men and women. You can find awesome graphic tees, dresses, skirts, accessories, fragrances and much more. Rue 21 always has sales going on. This is one of my favorite stores because it has trendy clothes that cost little money.

8. Deb

Deb sells women's clothes that are perfect for college students, no matter what size you are. They have both junior sizes and plus sizes. You can get anything from a prom dress to a jumpsuit at Deb.

9. GoJane

Go Jane has pretty women's clothes for every occasion. You can look at trends and buy accessories like hats, belts, and sunglasses for low prices. Browse through the website to see what's new and trending.

10. ASOS

ASOS sells both men's and women's clothing. You can find a variety of different styles and even buy vintage clothing. If you join ASOS on Campus (for college students), you can get 10 percent off of your purchases. Pretty amazing, right?

11. Sammy Dress

Sammy Dress has really cheap clothing for both men and women. It is perfect for college students because many of the items ship in 24 hours and even ship for free.

12. Urban Original

A lot of my friends order clothes from Urban Original. It only sells items for women. There is almost always a sale going on, like buy one, get one 50 percent off. You buy popular styles and brands, but you get them for extremely cheap. This is a good place to buy shoes and dresses for going out.

10 Make-up Techniques for Ladies 50 and Older

Hi allow me to share 10 involving the favourite facial foundation tips for letting you within setting up a More youthful visual appeal:

1. Moisturise

Employ moisturiser in your deal with along with keep that only a few min's ahead of applying your concealer, and your groundwork. Your skin may perhaps glimpse a little plumper and will definitely carry app involving concealer along with groundwork greater.

2. Light-weight Concealer

Your current concealer needs to be a color light as compared to the skin along with applied which has a joining remember to brush, before you decide to apply your groundwork in your deal with. Your mix of this mixed up concealer along with groundwork will probably cover defects.

3. Create Drinking water

To attain a smoother finish off use a frothy groundwork combined with a DECREASE INVOLVING H2O; blend the foundation along with drinking water for the rear of your hands, employing a groundwork remember to brush. That is a lot more forgiving versus out-of-the-bottle groundwork applied together with your disposal.

4. Light Blusher

Work with a light, more supple color involving blusher for the pears of your cheeks, employing a blusher remember to brush, with the vibrant light. Usually do not employ blusher together with glitter glue... that connected for the younger along with for the 70s disco arena.

5. Smoother Eyeliner

Select more supple eyeliners within greys as well as browns along with attract all of them solely on your second eyesight motorcycle, while towards the eyelashes as you can. A pencilled eyeliner, properly mixed up, will probably enrich your sight in lieu of attract attention to okay outlines. Employ eyeliner towards the bottom motorcycle (under this lashes) just for one-third from the technique within through the surface spot.

6. Natural powder Eye-shadows

Utilize dust eyesight shadow due to the fact product based formulation can easily decide into your lines from the covers. Natural powder while applied the right way will continue set intended for more time far too. Utilize basic hues along with constantly use a remember to brush to make use of.

7. Stay clear of Unwanted Rubber stamps & Sparkle

Stay clear of shimmer. Remedies together with sparkly dust light up each and every series, pore along with wrinkle. Get away from this shimmer along with glitter glue intended for "tweens" along with girls who definitely are however in a position to get away together with this sort of bling!

8. Utilize Highlight

As opposed to shading your mind, swap to displaying. Many of us are seeking a plumped visual appeal that's young as compared to gaunt, loose glimpse. We'd like our skin to check clean. Utilize light colours to accentuate beneath brows, along with employ a close watch pen inside underneath motorcycle to open this sight. It can be in no way smart to employ blusher along the cheekbones, also it don't want to supply beneath cheekbones. Even as we age group, blusher needs to be put on this pears from the cheeks solely; this will likely create a a lot more healthy along with plumper glimpse.

9. Mark As opposed to Natural powder

An excessive amount dust is likely to make anyone glimpse old. All people from the makeup industry is unanimous for this level. Take care simply how much dust anyone apply and steer clear of re-applying with the day being a fast solution. For a sparkly your forehead, nasal along with chin, employ blotting documents in lieu of dust. Though not a soul prefers sparkly, that will feathery cardstock bag glimpse that provide employing an excessive amount of dust is equally unattractive; apart from, a light is young in features.

10. Training Creates Best

Take some time out there to remain looking at a mirror along with try out these tips to generate a more supple, young hunting anyone. You can even carry oneself in department shops and still have oneself made up from unique make-up counter tops. Whatever can be your favourite glimpse, create a 'selfie' along with training in the home; you simply won't glimpse while you want promptly, although you will get that correct sooner or later.

xoxo Nique ♥

40 Uses for Coconut Oil

1. In cooking as a great oil with a high smoke point. Great for baking, stir-frys or as a dairy free replacement to butter.

2. Taken supplementally for daily energy.

3. As a coffee creamer when emulsified into coffee (The only way I’ll drink coffee).

4. On the skin as a basic lotion.

5. In homemade lotion bars for soft, smooth skin

6. In homemade deodorant or deodorant bars

7. As an eye-makeup remover

8. As a cloth diaper safe diaper cream (just rub on baby’s bottom)

9. In making your own Remineralizing Toothpaste

10. To lighten age spots when rubbed directly on the skin

11. To prevent stretch marks during pregnancy

12. To support healthy thyroid function

13. In homemade Mayo without the high PUFA vegetable oils

14. To help increase sun tolerance and avoid burning

15. As a naturally SPF 4 sunscreen

16. In homemade lotion recipes

17. To get rid of cradle cap on baby- just massage in to head, leave on for a few minutes and gently rinse with a warm wash cloth.

18. Topically to kill yeast or yeast infections

19. As a delicious tropical massage oil

20. It’s high Lauacid and MCFA content helps boost metabolism

21. A tiny dab rubbed on your hands and then through hair will help get rid of frizz.

22. Can help improve insulin levels.

23. Oil pulling with coconut oil and a drop of oregano oil helps improve gum health

24. Can help improve cholesterol ratios

25. Blend a tablespoon into hot tea to help speed recovery from cold or flu. 

26. In Homemade Natural Bug-Off Lotion Bars

27. As a replacement for vegetable oils in any recipe

28. Better for high-temperature cooking than olive or vegetable oils

29. Can help reduce appearance of varicose veins

30. After initial heat is gone, can help speed healing of sunburn

31. Is an immediate source of energy when eaten and isn’t stored as fat

32. As a natural personal lubricant that won’t disturb vaginal flora

33. As a naturally antibacterial skin cream

34. In natural homemade diaper cream

35. As a natural shave cream and after shave lotion

36. When used consistently on skin it can help get rid of cellulite

37. Can reduce the itch of mosquito bites

38. Mixed with salt to remove dry skin on feet

39. A tablespoon taken before each meal can help improve digestion

40. Naturally clears up cold sores

5 Awesome Lip Balms

1. Best Tinted Balm
Don't sacrifice your favorite beauty trend because of a little chapping! You can still rock a pretty red lip (and not in that painful chapped way) while hydrating your pout. This treatment delivers a semi-sheer wash of crimson that can be layered for a bolder look. Plus, it contains sugar to gently exfoliate away dry, flaky skin. - Sugar Cherry Tinted Lip ( www.sephora.com $22.50 )
2. Best Natural Balm
Balms with too many chemicals can actually dry out and irritate your lips even more! This one's packed with natural ingredients like beeswax and cocoa seed butter that coat and heal chapped skin. Plus, the dark chocolate and blueberries are full of antioxidants, which help protect your pout from future damage. - Revitalizing Lip Balm with Blueberry & Dark Chocolate. (www.amazon.com $5.38)

3. Best Flavorless Balm
Yummy flavors are nice, but they also make it tempting to lick your lips, which can dry them out even more! Plus, if you're sensitive to certain fragrances, it can be hard to find a balm that doesn't make you feel icky. This one doesn't have any added sweet flavors—and it glides on for instant softness! -Sephora Super Nourishing Lip Balm (www.sephora.com £6.00)
4. Best Bronzy Shimmer
If you're pining for that summer glow, this balm will help add some shimmer back to your beauty look! It's made with Community Fair Trade honey and comes in the cutest, beehive-inspired packaging. -Honey Bronze Shimmer Lip Balm. (www.thebodyshop.co.uk $5:00)
5. Best Intensive Care
If your lips are so chapped they hurt, you need more than your average balm to soothe and heel them. This one goes on like a gloss and is a little sticky, so it won't rub it off. Apply before bed and get ready to wake up to the softest, most kissable lips of your life. -Superbalm Lip Treatment.( www.sephora.com $15.00)
Sign: Neenah♥

DIY Colour Boosters for Hair

So there are plenty of natural-ingredient hair care products on the shelves these days, but you'll know exactly what you're putting in your hair if you whip up your own treatments made mostly from things you can find around the kitchen.

Booster for Brunettes- Cocoa makes for a deeper, richer brown. How it works: Honey moisturizes while acids in the yogurt (lactic) and vinegar (acetic) penetrate the hair shaft, allowing the cocoa's pigment to sink in. Natural acids open the cellular doors to the pigmented molecules and make the results more pronounced.

Whip 1/2 cup cocoa powder, 1/2 cup plain yogurt, 1 teaspoon honey, and 1 teaspoon apple-cider vinegar into a paste. Shampoo hair, squeeze out the water, and apply the mask. Keep it on for 2 to 3 minutes. Drape a towel around your neck to prevent the mask from dripping, as it may stain skin temporarily. Rinse, then style as usual.

Booster for Blondes- Tea, lemon, and potato enhance sunny shades. The chamomile and lemon act as whitening agents, and the acidic lemon juice allows potato enzymes -- which help brighten blonde hair -- to break through the tough, keratinized outer layer of the hair.

Squeeze the juice from a lemon. Grate a raw potato and blend with the lemon to form a paste. Add 1/2 cup room-temperature chamomile tea and stir. Shampoo, then spread the mask throughout hair, massaging lightly. Cover your head with a PVC-free shower cap or plastic wrap, then lightly heat with a hair dryer for 2 to 3 minutes. Rinse, then style as usual

Booster for Redheads- Carrots and berries boost red tresses. The yogurt's lactic acid helps the coloring antioxidants in the berries and carrots get past the surface of your locks -- so they really seep in. Honey, a natural humectant, hydrates the hair.

Finely chop 3 medium-size raw carrots in a food processor or blender (add 1/2 cup cranberries if you want copper undertones), and make a coarse paste. Add 3 tablespoons yogurt and 2 tablespoons honey, then mix well. Shampoo, then spread the mask throughout hair, massaging lightly. Keep it on for 1 to 2 minutes and rinse. Style as usual.

DIY Strengthen Hair Masque

Suitable for any type of hair 


1 tbsp Vanilla Extract
2 Egg Whites
1/4 Cup Greek Yogurt


1. Beat egg whites until frothy
2. Mix in vanilla and yogurt with warm water
3. damp hair, massage into damp hair
4. leave in hair for 30mins (wrap hair in plastic wrap and hot spa towel)
5. Rinse with warm water then shampoo and condition
6. finish with a blast of icy cold water to lock in moisture.

Tricks to keep new shoes looking NEW

So, you finally sucked it up and bought that killer pair of expensive shoes. If you’re anything like me, you're probably ready to maniacally tear them out of the box and take them for a spin (or, at the very least, an Instagram pic.) But before you do, it’s key to take a couple of precautions to ensure that your new kicks hold up for as long as possible. 

It’s a wonder that so few women take measures to protect our precious footwear—especially when doing so requires little money and even less energy. All it takes is a few simple measures to ensure you’ll get loads of mileage out of your shoes, making them even more worth the investment. Read on for 3 tricks to protect your pricey shoes to keep them looking sharp for years to come.

1. Always add rubber soles and heel caps.
The soles of most pricey shoes are made of leather—very thin leather, at that. You’ve probably noticed that even after one wear, the bottoms start scraping and thinning, so a thin layer of rubber is a key addition. Any shoemaker can do this for you in minutes, and can match most sole colors (even red, ladies.) If your shoes have thin heels, ask the cobbler to also add durable heel caps, which will prevent stilettos from wearing down.

2. Condition!
Have you ever conditioned your leather shoes? If not, it’s time to start, as the added moisture will keep the leather super-supple and prevent pesky cracks. Before you condition, use a soft shoe brush to remove any dirt from shoe, then rub small amounts of conditioner onto the surface. Wait a few minutes then wipe it off gently—the leather will only absorb what it can. Most types of leather conditioners cost around $10, and will last pretty much forever.

3. Storage matters.
Where you keep your shoes matters immensely—keeping them in the wrong place could cause fading, scratching, and other serious damage. If you live in a small space, we don’t recommend keeping all your shoe boxes, but it’s key to hang on to the ones that came with your pricey pairs. Linen dust bags are also a fantastic way to store shoes, both at home and while traveling.

One thing to always keep in mind: Haphazardly throwing your shoes into the closet (we’re guilty!) is one of the worst things you can do, so if you’re going to keep them outside of a box or bag, nearly line them up in pairs on your closet’s floor or on a shelf with ample breathing room between pairs. Also, don’t store good shoes near direct sunlight, which can cause fading and major discoloration.

Tips to remove Stretch Marks

1. Use a moisturizer. A study comparing herbal moisturizers found that people who lotioned-up daily showed significant improvement in skin appearance and elasticity. Think of it this way: if your skin has a lot of stretching to do, it's less likely to tear and create stretch marks if it's hydrated.
2. Use Retin-A. A study from the University of Michigan suggests that people who use Retin-A (or a retinoic acid cream) on new stretch marks saw huge improvements. Retin-A is thought to boost collagen production, helping skin stretch out and avoid tears.
3. Use Lextrin. Lextrin is a FDA registered stretch mark cream that contains high potency of natural essential oils and vitamins that help treat and reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Its active ingredients are hyarulonic acid, thuja occidentalis and centella asiatica which have been proven to reduce the appearance of stretch marks in as little as 2 weeks. Treatment can take up to 3 months to complete.
4. Use glycolic acid. Glycolic acid used on stretch marks can increase collagen production, as making your skin more elastic overall[8]. As an alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA), it's in the same family of compounds often used in chemical skin peels.
5. Try Vitamin E oil. Vitamin E oil is often said to be the miracle cure for stretch marks, though one study shows that it's most effective on women who have already been pregnant before, and has not been effective in general use. Still, it can't hurt in moderate doses.
6. Egg Oil. Egg Oil if used regularly from the first trimester, can prevent pregnancy related stretch marks from appearing. Gently massage Egg Oil over the entire abdomen twice a day starting from the 8th week of pregnancy until 6 months after delivery.
* Drink enough water, as the skin loses its elasticity when you are dehydrated. Being at a healthy weight also helps.
* Use Vaseline .
* You probably shouldn't spend tens of thousands of dollars on a tummy tuck, because even after it, weight gain might cause new stretch marks to appear.
* Make sure you're eating a nutrient based diet. You want to make sure that your skin is getting the proper nutrition so that it can repair and stay healthy.
* For older stretch marks, use an SPF 60 or higher directly on the stretch marks...the tanning with a HGH SPF seems to make it less visible and if you work out..that's a huge help.
* Work out!
* Bio-oil is also very good for fading stretch marks.
* Without surgical procedures, it is virtually impossible to fully remove stretch marks, as they are actually tears/scars in the dermis (middle layer) of skin and the stretch marks are the results of the healing.
* Stretch mark removal is usually not covered by insurance because it's a cosmetic procedure.
sign: Neena♡

How to get rid of Acne

1. Wash your face twice daily. The first step to getting clear skin is to set up a regimented cleansing routine. Buckle down and force yourself to wash your face when you wake up in the morning and before going to bed at night. As tired or busy as you may be, taking the extra few minutes to prep your skin will reduce your acne significantly.

2. Use products with benzoyl peroxide. You can use benzoyl peroxide in the form of either a soap or lotion over your acne-prone areas. This product works to clean off dead skin and help your skin to regenerate new, clean cells faster. Look for products that contain 3% or less of benzoyl peroxide to avoid irritating your skin.

3. Try products with salicylic acid. This acid, similar to benzoyl peroxide, works to slough (to get rid of) off dead skin cells and encourage new skin growth. As a result, you may experience dry skin and scaliness around your acne, but this will dissipate over time as your skin begins to regenerate faster. Use this in a cleanser or spot treatment daily on the acne-affected areas of your skin.

4. Use sulfur-containing cleansers. Although we don’t know exactly why sulfur works as a great acne-killer, we do know that it does work. Look for products that contain sulfur to clear up your acne, seemingly by reducing oil production.

5. Use a retinoid. Retinoid cleansers contain ultra-high levels of vitamin A, which help to clean out clogged pores and dissolve away grime. You can purchase over-the-counter retino products or get a prescription for one from your doctor.

6. Find products containing azelaic acid. Azelaic acid is an antibacterial that also helps to reduce redness and inflammation and is found naturally in wheat and barley. If your acne tends to leave dark marks on your skin, try a product that uses azelaic acid to clean your pores and reduce acne-produced dark spots.

7. Use a spot treatment. Spot treatments are specialized products that you apply only to your acne spots rather than over the entirety of your face. Buy a spot treatment from your local drugstore or create your own using products you likely already have in your home.

8. Use a face mask. Face masks contain compounds that soothe your skin and kill bacteria. Using a face mask 2-3 times a week for 15-20 minutes to dry out your skin and clean out your pores. Buy face masks from your local beauty supply or drugstore, or make your own at home.

xoxo Nique 

DIY Nourishing Hair Mask

A protein-rich mask helps to strengthen hair. In a medium-sized bowl, thoroughly combine 

1/2 cup yogurt 
1 tablespoon lemon juice
 1 egg 
Apply the mixture to your scalp after oiling and cleansing. Leave the mask on for about 20 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with warm water.

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