How to be successful on bubblews

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So today/Night we'll be talking about patience.. I see most of you complaining about the fact that you can't make no money and you can't get no views or whatever Bubblews isn't here to pay you a chunk of money as you post something.. Its here for you to interact with different people, get to learn about the different ways people see the world...stuff like that...You should write great post so people could view and have a wonderful time reading it :) honestly my first day was rough i was like "i thought i was going to get dollars i'm not a writer i can't do this" but as time goes by i got the hang of it and here i am still bubbling and make a dollar a day and i'm happy so i think you should do this to get better okay ?

1. You need an audience you need somebody to view, like and comment.. You can do so by following a random amount of persons.

2. Be creative dont copy what someone else has because you came here with your own mind so write whatever comes to your mind and have fun with it.

3. don't watch your bank too often because the more you see the cents barely moving the more you lose interest and the more you'll start to be depressed and wondering what your doing wrong... So dont do it

4. View other persons post see what they do to entertain their followers DO NOT COPY sometimes when you read other persons stuff you get an idea of what to post

HOPE this help thanks for reading ! ☺♥

Wash N Go "Frizz Free"

Here some Steps to Wash and Go !

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Transitioning Hair Products

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You might be wondering why you need specific products to put in your hair to just go back natural right? well your hair is relaxed so you need to cure your ends and roots. If you are considering transitioning from relaxed to natural, you will soon find that your relaxed-hair product line-up and tools are not going to give you what you need to maintain your new, natural hair. If you are in process of transitioning, you may feel like you are struggling to piece together a hair care regimen. There are some basic things you will need to transition, and others you can add along the way as you learn more about your hair type. I started out with these:

Our Products:

L'oreal Vive Pro Glossy Volume Shampoo
L'oreal Vive Pro Glossy Volume Condition
Olive Cholesterol Deep Conditioning Creme- ( $3.89)
Aphogee Pro-Vitamin Leave in Conditioner- ( $8.00)
Herbal Oil ( $10:00)
Carrot Tea-Tree Oil ( $6.16)
Olive & Tea-Tree Edge Smoothing Pomade ( $4.81)


How to be Confident within Yourself

Heyy Nique Babies! ♥

1. Always begin at the end.
There are so many people that I've asked, What do you want to do? What do you want to be? and they would say, I don't know. Knowing what you want is the key. Everything else you do should be leading you where you want to go.
2. Start with gratitude.
Begin the day by thinking about some of the things you have to be grateful for. Most of the 7 billion people in the world won't have the opportunities you do. "If you start out with that perspective, you'll be in the right frame of mind for the rest of the day."
3. Take a daily step outside your comfort zone.
There's a funny thing about comfort zones. If we step outside them on a regular basis, they expand. If we stay within them, they shrink. Avoid getting trapped inside a shrinking comfort zone by pushing yourself to do things that are outside it.
4. Get ready to bounce back.
It's not failure that destroys our confidence, it's not getting back up. Once we get back up, we've learned what doesn't work and we can give it another try.

5. Breathe!
This one is so simple. If you breathe heavily, it saturates your brain with oxygen and makes you more awake and aware. It's very important in a tense situation because it will make you realize that you control your body, and not your unconscious mind. If you're not practicing breathing, you should be."

Handling that Curly Hair Struggle

1. HANDS OFF! Don’t interrupt your curls while they’re drying, or they will frizz up.
2. AVOID SNAGS: Detangle in the shower before rinsing out your conditioner. It’ll make for easier styling and less breakage.
3. BODY OF WORK: Make your workout session double as a curl treatment. Before you hit the elliptical or treadmill, run DevaCurl Styling Cream through your locks and twist up in a bun. The heat your body produces while working out allows curls to soak in moisture and conditioners.
4. IT’S ALL IN THE DETAILS: For natural, healthy curls, only use a defining or styling gel that's alcohol and silicone-free, and soluble in water—as the gel can remain in your hair for 2-3 days.
5. DON’T FRACTURE YOUR HAIR! Remember to remove your hair from your shoulders before slinging on your handbag, backpack or messenger bag.
6. BOOST YOUR ROOTS! To give your curls at the top of your hair extra volume, lift and clip the hair at the roots while it’s still wet. Doing so will release the top layer from its own weight, allowing it to dry faster and in an even curl pattern from roots to ends. Clipping also speeds the drying process.
7. HANDLE WITH CARE: Precious hair fibers require special attention. Using a soft fiber cloth or DevaTowel, gently rotate and “scrunch-squeeze” curls in an upward motion toward the scalp to absorb extra moisture.
8. HYDRATE! Invest in a top-quality humidifier for your home. A humidifier will encourage curls and keep your hair and skin from drying out! 
9. PIN UP: For a curlier look on dry or second-day hair, try the pin method. Starting at the crown, wrap a section of hair around your finger, slide the finger out, hold the coil with your other hand and insert a clip at a right angle. After the hair is dry, gently remove the clips and loosen curls with your fingers. Finish with a tilt and scrunch.
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Tips To get a better Tan

1. Using Sunscreen.

Some of the best secrets to getting a good tan are really not that much of a secret. A lot of people don’t know this but using sunscreen is a very effective way of getting an amazing tan. You want to make sure you use a good type of sunscreen with a reasonable SPF level. You can also use things such as bronzes or different types of tanning oils. Right before you tan and get situated to do just that make sure to cover your body in the product of your choice. After about 15 minutes re-apply the same product on again and switch tanning positions. This way your whole body gets the same amount of sun and not one spot on your body is missed by the sun.

2.  Tanning Outside.

he most effective type of color you can get is from the sun. You are better off going to the beach, or just laying outside somewhere nearby when you are trying to get that good tan. You want to make sure you are moving around constantly so that your whole body can eat up the suns rays and you can get an equal but nice tan. This is the healthiest way to get a tan. Stick to the natural way of tanning and avoid using tanning beds whenever you can.

3. Staying Hydrated.

Staying hydrated is an important key when it comes to getting a nice and perfect tan. You want to make sure that you shower daily, and drink a lot of water. By keeping your body up to shape and feeding it all of its natural resources it will definitely improve your tan. Water will make your skin look a lot healthier and help your skin get all of the rays from the sun.

4. Avoid Tanning Beds.

Avoid tanning beds. This is probably the best piece of advice when it comes to tanning. You don’t want to tan in these beds because studies have determined that these beds are unsafe for your skin and health. To much time in these things can cause severe damage to your skin which can then lead to different types of skin diseases. Stick to the natural way of tanning and go outside. Don’t waste your time or money on these things because your just putting your skin and health in danger.

5. Protecting Your Eyes.

While tanning you want to make sure that you are wearing something to cover both of your eyes. Sunglasses are probably the best way to go. You want to make sure the sun is getting all of your body its rays and sunlight but you want to make sure that your eyes are protected. To much sun for your eyes is not healthy.

6. Moving While Tanning.

Moving while tanning is mandatory at all times when tanning. You want to make sure you are moving around every 5-10 minutes so that one part of your body doesn’t receive to much of the sun. This will help improve your skins tan dramatically because everything will be one nice and even tan color. The best thing you can do while tanning is switching different positions that you tan in.

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