Maybelline Colossal Big Shot VoxBox || Influenster

Hey 2Nbeauties!

I finally got a chance to do a review on my complimentary Big Shot Mascara I got from Influenster (Yes another Voxbox Yay Me!). However, the mascara is really amazing first applying it on my real lashes without double coating it looked normal but I'm a person to apply a lot of mascara just to get the extreme fullness. So I applied couple times and it came out so full and jet black I love the blackness of it, applied on the lower lashes it looked okay. (I really lashed like a boss lol) Applying it while wearing false lashes was a bit difficult I had to do only two coats because the false lashes got heavy. It took forever to come off the waterproof ability is good, when it started to wore out it almost looked like I had a black eye.

Ebates Scam or Legit??

Hey Guys!

I've learnt about this site called EBATES and I wish to share it. I was a bit skeptic about it, I joined in 2014 but never used it until July 2016. I honestly think it was a scam that's why I never used it all this time and well I barely shopped online too. However, Ebates is a site that gives promo deals, coupons and cash back on any purchase you make online they're affiliated with over 1000+ stores online, you just need to find the best deals with the chosen store.

Style-Out Makeup and Outfits


Hey 2NBeauties! 💕

Style-Out is a annually event that is kept in Jamaica every middle of October. Yes I know I took two months to post, its because Im really busy. Style Out is a event where every single store in Jamaica for a day or week to have discounts on all items for sale. Isn't that amazing? this is almost like Black Friday and cyber Monday sales in America. However, Neena and I went to Style out to Promote our Store "Chique Company" that we launched in September 2016. We walked and gave out over a hundred (100) business card. This was our first time at Style Out

Pep Voxbox Review || Influenster

Hey Dolls ♥

I won a Voxbox from Influenster! Its been forever I joined Influenster in 2015 May and I finally gotten a voxbox in my hands. I know what your saying didn't I won a mega voxbox before? well technically I did but I never received it because of my address. Even though the site says International its not because I'm from Jamaica and cant receive a voxbox until I changed to my address to my ShipMe Address that's how I got this one. What is Influenster? Learn More Here

Purple and Gold Gliterz Make Up look


Hey Beauty Lovers

Today we got a teacher Zonelle lol she taught us few makeup tricks that I think we needed to know. Neena and I always use brow pencil to do our eye brows thinking it was the best way even though our brows look real to us but she taught us to use the pomade because it makes the brows look more real. The wings lol she tried with us, they suck especially neena's and she was better at doing the wing than me. Zonelle said we can use black eyeshadow to get the wing or use a eyeliner brush with eyeliner pomade to get that wing.

kylie Cosmetics Lip Kits | Review

Hey Dolls ♥

Screamzzzzz! sorry about that but I finally got my hands on kylie's lipkits. My super duper awesome boyfriend bought me lol It was a battle to get these from kylie cosmetics site like heads on war. As soon as they get out on the site not even in a minute or two and there completely sold out! Everything gone! Now when my boyfriend saw my frustration with this issue he liked played around with me for days asking about swatches, which lipkit I like and how I know real from fake and I was like why he asking these questions because hes not a fan of makeup at all. Little did I know he bought them under sikes and surprise me with them now bare in mind I cant get them and im a make up mess so how did he got them lol he never told me but I figure he went out on a hunt and paid any amount of money to get them for me because we all know the cheapest way to get the real ones is on her site.

Now lets get into the long Overdue Swatches

How to Wash and treat your Hair after removing Fauxlocs

Hey Naturalistas! 

Majority of you are here because your wondering hmmm "How to treat my hair after removing the Fauxlocs?" well today I got you covered. Your going to learn 1. how to pull out the locs 2. how to wash your hair after taking it out. 3. How to treat your hair after removing it.  Here goes:

How to Grow Healthy Nails

Hey Everyone 💅

To my surprise I have a lot of readers out there I thought Neena and I was in our own little world with just our friends, but Hello to all the new persons and to the oldies thanks for sticking with us ☺☺
I was emailed after I posted my natural hair journey "what is my regimen for growing long nails ?"  Honestly I don't have a regimen my nails just naturally grow long I think its in my genes but Neena's nails takes forever to grow so I really don't know.

Embossing PU Leather Metal Bag Set Review || ZAFUL

Hey Bag Lovers!

I am here for the second time doing a Bag review. I wasn't much of a bag lover until I fell in love with shopping at Zaful. The bags are like heaven I love them so much. Especially my Embossing PU Leather Bag Set the Bunny Strap bag one (yes I name it). I was scrolling through Zaful and I was like damn! I needed these bags. I placed the order got it delivered to me in 10 days. It was $45.99 on sale when I ordered it, Now its $63.99 because these bags are selling like crazy you need to get yourself this bag set before its a lil more pricey than your packet can manage. It comes in Black, Rose Madder (Pink), white and Gray. I have the gray ♥. Here's a easy way to get the bag free you can go on Zaful look for the bag click on the area that says [GET IT FREE]

Our Hair Regimen (2016 Update)

Hey Dolls!

This post is an update for our previous hair regimen post back in 2014 here when our hair was transitioning. As months pass we developed a new hair regimen because our hair is not the same like two years ago. Everyone as grown skeptic on whether they should have a hair regimen or not. Everyone has a regimen you might not know it but you do wash your hair accordingly and moisture it in a time frame, it could be every month you wash your hair or every week it doesn't matter its still a regimen.

Makeup look inspired by Instagrammer @laeldivine

Hey Everyone ♥

As we all know makeup lovers across the world use all the social medias to showcase their talent. Instagram has become a major one as you go searching through your explore there's always someone doing a tutorial or someone posting their best looks or even cosmetic brands highlighting their new products.

I went on Instagram a month ago saw this beautiful melanin woman Lael Divine and her makeup was on point I had to do a look almost like it. I called this look "Coffee" . Mainly because the shade of eye shadows and lipstick chosen.

Her Lips : Colour Pop-Rooch

Brows on Fleek. ♥

That wing though. ♥

Xo "Nique ♥

Review/Mini Haul featuring ZAFUL

Hello World

Few days ago I recieved my package from Zaful I was so happy. Zaful is an online clothing store with chic, new and affordable clothings and accessories for both male and female.  Their affordable collections are all about redefining trends, design excellence and exceptional quality to satisfy the needs of every aspiring fashionista like myself.

REVIEW: L'Oreal Infallible Pro Matte Foundation

Hey Dolls!

The L'Oreal Infallible Pro Matte Foundation this new foundation by L'Oreal has swarm the internet like bees I had to get my hands on it before its no longer available. This foundation is AMAZING it states it last up to 24 hours I don't wear makeup that long but I wore it for 5 hours max to a party and trust me it stayed matte like where was L' Oreal been hiding this product?? If you know me you'll know I suffer from oily skin.. yes hunty! that T-zone area is not pretty. I saw couple famous YouTubers who suffer from oily skin and they use this incredible foundation. So I went out and got it just to see what the fuss was about and it worked magic just like what they said :)

Yes I went to the store and bought myself a Milani  Amore Matte Lip Crème in "10 Adorable" Pink Nude Beige along side with my foundation. I fell in love, the color is amazing! Its a dupes for Kylie "KoKo K Lipkit. (if you like i could do a review on it)

As you can see it say Infallible "Pro Matte" Oil free, Its true. Im in the shade 109 Classic Tan I haven't seen this shade no where online except target. I paid $1900JMD about $18US in a local beauty store. For a product to be so good and so cheap its ridiculous. At Walmart its about $11.90 at Target its $10.59 you can always weigh your options. Its worth every penny.

As it states semi matte, smooth onto to skin and gives a medium coverage.. oh yes it does! When im applying it to the face I use a beauty blender you can always use a foundation brush. But to me the beauty blender gets the work done best. When the foundation is squeezed out of the tube it looks brown but when it touches the face it looks more orange than expected. By the name of the shade it should have been obvious that it gives a tan effect. The tan effect fades when you apply concealer and that jazz to the face. It comes out smooth and it dries quickly.

Its not a if, nor but, nor maybe you ladies with that oily skin need this! It will save your life. Ever went some where and only been there for a minute and you start to sweat and then someone wants to take a picture and you look all oily and you just arrive a minute ago lol no hunty that aint cute. Im looking out for you, you should do the same for yourself. xoxo 

Not a Paid/Sponsored Post Just my Thoughts!

Xo "Nique ♥

Summer Hairstyles 2016

Hey Dolls

SUMMER 2016 is almost over! Turns out you guys been loving "Summer hairstyles 2015" post its the most famous post i've ever done. So I was wondering why don't I update the summer hairstyles for you. Everyone already know summer is ideally the hottest time around but yet still no one wants to look basic so we go for long ass hair with colors. Note all these hairstyles can be wore throughout the Year but it gets more attention in SUMMER!

  Lets get into the SUMMER "6TEEN hairstyles

So you guys might already know I've become a super-fan of locks mainly because its became my job lately.  

The locs can be plat or twist in with kanekolon and to wrap with Yah Mon, Noir Afrotwist braid, Jamaican Marley braid and Cuban Twist. I've seen YouTuber use kanekolon, Expression braids and tokyolon to wrap. I don't but you can! Choose whatever looks natural to you.

2. Goddess Marley Locs
I know majority of persons know this hairstyle if you don't your a little late. This been swarming the internet lately when Meagan Good got them installed. This is done with crochet curly hair, marley hair and some other watch the video to see the hairs used. 

2b. Goddess Yarn Locks
Now this is crazy My girl @idlelocs went a little further with locks and created this, to me its like a little too much but if your into that kind of stuff its perfect for you. Now this is done with Yarn/Wool really unique.

3. Under Cuts 

So for the persons who think short hair for the summer is best because its sooo hot out. They get cute undercuts, I myself want to get it done but I just cut off my year like a year ago lol Im not going back to the short hair stage (hated it). This is like for real cute with the patterns and so on.

4. Braids (For the Guys)
Ladies have you seen the guys lately they've got a summer hairstyle too lol its the two little braids they get when they grow out only the top of their hair. I like it. Its just two Ghana braids or french braids.


If you think I didn't mention a summer hairstyle that suits you kindly write in the comment section and let me know. Also if you like a specific one let me know. Share to your friends!! and follow me on all social medias.

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Nature's Bounty "BIOTIN"

Hey Everyone!

Today were going to be doing a review on Nature's Bounty Biotin. Neena and I both purchase these biotin pills at a different time and yes they're a bit different we paid $1500JMD each about $12.00US each but online its like $6.00. I had Nature's Bounty Super Potency Biotin 5000mcg and Neena had Nature's Bounty Quick Dissolve Biotin 5000mcg. This is not a review to bash the company its just our thoughts.

Neena's Thoughts on  Nature's Bounty Quick Dissolve Biotin

It was the first time taking flavored pills and it was amazing. I recommend these pills because to me there were no side effects like; rashes, pimples or hair falling out. Well the name of the pill clearly stated that it is dissolved so you can place the pill into water for about five (5) minutes if you're not comfortable swallowing pills like myself, you can also place the pill into your favorite drink and I think that works well. I have short nails and the pills definitely grew them, and what you all have been waiting for; Do these pills grow your hair? Yes, they do. I've been taking them from April-May and I didn't see any results. You guys have to realized that it doesn't work over night and patience is key. I personally hated wash n go's and braids-out, the reason for this my hair normally shrunk after I wash my hair. Now in the month of July it has grown pass my collar bone down to my cleavage. This shows that these pills take time to actually grow your hair, do not lose patience and stop taking them. The Nature's Bounty Quick Dissolve takes three (3) months or less to show results, the one (1) disadvantage for this pill is that because it is flavored you would want to take more than what is required which is one (1) tablet daily. My wash n go's looks great and especially my braids-out are absolutely fabulous. I strongly recommend the Nature's Bounty Quick Dissolve Tablet.  

Nique's Thoughts on Nature's Bounty Super Potency Biotin 

First off I start taking the pills June 5th - July 3rd 2016 now the bottle states take one daily but we all know no girl gon' do that because it has seventy-two (72) soft gel pills inside the bottle so 72 days of taking pills? No! Not gonna happen worst it smells awful like wheat. I took two (2) daily one after breakfast and one after dinner so 10000 mcg for me. As the days pass I read couple reviews on it, yes I did not read about Nature's Bounty until I start using the pills. Persons say it causes red pimples on the face if you take them for longer than six (6) weeks now note it has 72 pills how is it that you cant go more than six (6) weeks that's stupid. Others say it take awhile to show results and so forth. Now for me I took them daily 2 by 2 until I start missing days, I started to take four (4) pills a day to match up the days I've lost that's where I went wrong my face started get pimples and my hair itched like crazy. 

First I thought it was the hair products I was using that itched my hair so I switched out my hair products kept taking the pills and my scalp would just go crazy, It let me teared out my hair due to the excessive scratching I got terrible dry scalp/ dandruff the hair was clumped together. That right there got me so convinced it was the deep conditioner, the oils and shampoo the itching took a toll on me. I took a week break from all the products including the pills and installed fauxlocs absolutely no itching occurred. I started back taking the pills after the week of installing the locks. Who told me to do that?? girllllllll my scalp went off that's when i realize it was the pills. So remember it bumped up my face and it also caused severe itching to my scalp. I took all the 72 pills because persons say beyond all the cons it works! I highly recommend you to NOT TO TAKE MORE THAN WHAT THE BOTTLE STATES! You will regret it caused I did. On the bottle it states it supports energy and healthy hair and skin.

Now the question is did it work? YES it gave my hair width no length, I don't know if it gave me energy and worked on my skin ♥ Am i happy? 6/10  

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Nique's Natural Hair Journey July-March

Hey Hair Lovers

Its been a min but I'm back I've been real busy taking care of some stuff but I'll like to share my natural hair growth with you. So, I've big chopped my hair on July 3rd 2015 my hair has been taking its time growing and I've done a lot to it lately. In the Picture you can see for the past months The puff seems to be getting bigger  today my hair is 10 months and couple weeks. All I've been doing is protective styles (fauxlocs and braids) I wash my hair every week and deep conditions it i always leave 5% of the deep conditioner on my hair  to keep the moisture it possesses. I then always do the LOC Method ( liquid, oil and Creme) this has helped my hair alot. I've also taken Hair, Skin and Nails vitamins from the brand sundown it works !

In July PATIENCE was what kept me going because natural hair takes a lot of persons to get it to be healthier than ever. There were most days I'm like Dammn! I can't take it! I'm going to relax it ! When it reaches that moment for me I start watching YouTube videos (Glamtwinz334) they are my inspiration so I keep going. To everyone who thinks natural hair is highly expensive your wrong because the same products you use in your household can be used in your hair. You don't have to run and buy Shea moisture products because every natural hair instagrammer says its the best thing since slice bread that's a lie you can purchase a $4.00 deep conditioner and it works wonders.

Look at my hair in March not even a year yet and my puff is big. All you need is a regimen and a deep conditioner that loves your hair! Take your vitamins! use your household products and you will reach where I am.

Xo "Nique ♥

FauxLocs Pro "Summer Hairstyle" 2016

Hey Hair Lovers

Were back at it again with a bomb ass hairstyle for 2016 Summer its called Fauxlocs (foe-locs). I really think you guess should try this form of hairstyle its really stylish and popular in Jamaica now, I can recall a girl from bronx new york Direct messaged me on Instagram to get her hair done. I was surprise because I didnt know the talent I have could branch off so fast. Im the Co-Owner of @Fauxlocsja on Instagram please check it out all of our work is on it. If your any where in the world and want your hair to be done exactly like the photos here or on the Instagram please contact us by WhatsApp or Call (1 876 539 9998/ 1876 5031788). 

Were Always accepting New clients Just Make a appointment anytime ♥

Things to know:

Its a protective Style.
It can be done with Yarn/Wool and Braids such as Kanekolon, Marley braid, Noir Afrotwist braid and Nappy Annie.
To keep it hold its burnt with a lighter.
It can last up to 6 months if taken care of.

Xo "Nique ♥

How To Choose The Best Foundation For Your Skin

Hey Beauty Lovers ♥

Lets get into it dry or normal skin on the cheeks with an oily T zone. If you don't know the T-Zone is the part of your face that is made up of the forehead, nose, chin and area circling the mouth so, did  i just describe your skin condition? If yes, then you’re like many of us who fall under the title of "combination" skin type. Very simply put, combination skin is having skin with a medley of the different skin types (dry, normal, oily) in varying degrees.

Take note of these tips and discover the products you need to keep your skin happy and healthy.  Unlike having specifically dry skin or an obviously oily one, combination skin encompasses more than one category, which may mean addressing simultaneous concerns at once. This is the challenge in finding a good foundation for combination skin; finding one that will achieve a happy balance between the skin type’s mix of needs. (That sounds like a long task, doesn’t it?)

For combination skin, a foundation that controls oiliness can be one that exacerbates flakiness at the same time. One that gives a healthy glow in the beginning can also be one that turns the T zone into a frying pan in a few hours. And some may try to answer everything at once, but fail to do anything at all.

There are a huge number of foundations in the market. Searching for “the one” is a tricky business, more so for combination skin. To those who are still looking, I put together a small list in the hope of helping you find the best foundation for your fickle-minded skin type. The ones on this list are liquid foundations that claim oil control, and dry to a semi-matte or a matte finish upon application. (We want the foundation to help us tame our oily T zones!)

Xo "Nique ♥

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