Our Hair Regimen (2016 Update)

Hey Dolls!

This post is an update for our previous hair regimen post back in 2014 here when our hair was transitioning. As months pass we developed a new hair regimen because our hair is not the same like two years ago. Everyone as grown skeptic on whether they should have a hair regimen or not. Everyone has a regimen you might not know it but you do wash your hair accordingly and moisture it in a time frame, it could be every month you wash your hair or every week it doesn't matter its still a regimen.

Makeup look inspired by Instagrammer @laeldivine

Hey Everyone ♥

As we all know makeup lovers across the world use all the social medias to showcase their talent. Instagram has become a major one as you go searching through your explore there's always someone doing a tutorial or someone posting their best looks or even cosmetic brands highlighting their new products.

I went on Instagram a month ago saw this beautiful melanin woman Lael Divine and her makeup was on point I had to do a look almost like it. I called this look "Coffee" . Mainly because the shade of eye shadows and lipstick chosen.

Her Lips : Colour Pop-Rooch

Brows on Fleek. ♥

That wing though. ♥

Xo "Nique ♥

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