Purple and Gold Gliterz Make Up look


Hey Beauty Lovers

Today we got a teacher Zonelle lol she taught us few makeup tricks that I think we needed to know. Neena and I always use brow pencil to do our eye brows thinking it was the best way even though our brows look real to us but she taught us to use the pomade because it makes the brows look more real. The wings lol she tried with us, they suck especially neena's and she was better at doing the wing than me. Zonelle said we can use black eyeshadow to get the wing or use a eyeliner brush with eyeliner pomade to get that wing.

kylie Cosmetics Lip Kits | Review

Hey Dolls ♥

Screamzzzzz! sorry about that but I finally got my hands on kylie's lipkits. My super duper awesome boyfriend bought me lol It was a battle to get these from kylie cosmetics site like heads on war. As soon as they get out on the site not even in a minute or two and there completely sold out! Everything gone! Now when my boyfriend saw my frustration with this issue he liked played around with me for days asking about swatches, which lipkit I like and how I know real from fake and I was like why he asking these questions because hes not a fan of makeup at all. Little did I know he bought them under sikes and surprise me with them now bare in mind I cant get them and im a make up mess so how did he got them lol he never told me but I figure he went out on a hunt and paid any amount of money to get them for me because we all know the cheapest way to get the real ones is on her site.

Now lets get into the long Overdue Swatches

How to Wash and treat your Hair after removing Fauxlocs

Hey Naturalistas! 

Majority of you are here because your wondering hmmm "How to treat my hair after removing the Fauxlocs?" well today I got you covered. Your going to learn 1. how to pull out the locs 2. how to wash your hair after taking it out. 3. How to treat your hair after removing it.  Here goes:

How to Grow Healthy Nails

Hey Everyone 💅

To my surprise I have a lot of readers out there I thought Neena and I was in our own little world with just our friends, but Hello to all the new persons and to the oldies thanks for sticking with us ☺☺
I was emailed after I posted my natural hair journey "what is my regimen for growing long nails ?"  Honestly I don't have a regimen my nails just naturally grow long I think its in my genes but Neena's nails takes forever to grow so I really don't know.

Embossing PU Leather Metal Bag Set Review || ZAFUL

Hey Bag Lovers!

I am here for the second time doing a Bag review. I wasn't much of a bag lover until I fell in love with shopping at Zaful. The bags are like heaven I love them so much. Especially my Embossing PU Leather Bag Set the Bunny Strap bag one (yes I name it). I was scrolling through Zaful and I was like damn! I needed these bags. I placed the order got it delivered to me in 10 days. It was $45.99 on sale when I ordered it, Now its $63.99 because these bags are selling like crazy you need to get yourself this bag set before its a lil more pricey than your packet can manage. It comes in Black, Rose Madder (Pink), white and Gray. I have the gray ♥. Here's a easy way to get the bag free you can go on Zaful look for the bag click on the area that says [GET IT FREE]

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