How to Grow Healthy Nails

Hey Everyone 💅

To my surprise I have a lot of readers out there I thought Neena and I was in our own little world with just our friends, but Hello to all the new persons and to the oldies thanks for sticking with us ☺☺
I was emailed after I posted my natural hair journey "what is my regimen for growing long nails ?"  Honestly I don't have a regimen my nails just naturally grow long I think its in my genes but Neena's nails takes forever to grow so I really don't know.
Could'nt find the original pic

1. On a daily basis all I do is Eat two-three meals per day with few snacks in and out the hours. I try to keep at least too meals healthy.

2. I drink lots of water.

3. I stay away from nail polish I polish my nails occasionally because I hate discolored nails, I do wear clear nail polish. 

4. Just don't do your nails for 6 months and you'll see the difference.

I still wash clothes and dishes so don't be afraid to do so, I wash my natural 4b-c hair every week and Yes I finger detangle and my nails remain. If you fear doing the above drink milk three times a week and you'll be fine.

Presently I've broken couple nails and only one remains and thats my pinky the rest will just break with no reason.

Xo "Nique ♥

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