Marc Jacobs Matte Gel Highliner || Influenster

Hello Dolls! 

Ive gotten another voxbox by Influenster, I was so excited about this because I dont own no Marc Jacobs beauty products and well now I do im so grateful for the little things that has been happening to me for the past year. August coming going to be three years of being a blogger and I've never felt so good about myself this makes me want to cry but im not going to thank you all for being apart of my journey. I love you guys ♥

Your own at home facial Spa with Derma-E

Hey Dolls ♥

Lets have a fun facial spa day at home, I'm sure you would loved to remove those annoying acne spots once and for all. I know I do! If you wear makeup alot and change foundation frequently and you see spots coming up these facial masks got you cover boo! I got these scrubs from Derma-E to do a review for you guys and im living for these products.

Peachy Orange Makeup look


Whitening Lightning Dial A Smile Teeth Whitening Kit Pen Combo || Gerard Cosmetics

Hey Dolls ❤

I'm getting my teeth whitening at home so it was a struggle to find any recent update on these kits online. I went in deep search and found one girl but it was in about march 2016 I wanted to get more information on it before I went in and purchase. So these kits are 75% off sales like that's hilarious I could not let that Christmas Sale miss me at all! I bought the Dial A Smile Teeth whitening kit and teeth whitening combo the official price for this is $115 and I got it for $28.75. I also bought The Hollywood Elite teeth whitening system with Refill whitening Kit $18 and $13. Capture a total about $60 for everything. Jackpot! 

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