REVIEW: Marc Jacobs Beauty Coconut Dew Drop Highlighter

 Hey Dolls

The Coconut Dew Drop Highlighter dew any of you guys own this? Get it lol I just recently received this complimentary bad boy from Influenster and I really like it. Lets dive right into the Review, when I got this I was stunted the packaging is really amazing this is my second Marc Jacob product that I own because we all know Marc Jacobs products are real expensive lol. And I own two I'm very much happy to own high end items ♥ Thank you Influenster and Marc Jacobs ♥

DIY Off-Shoulder Top

Hey Loves!

For the first time ever I've made a top and wore it I feel so good. I tried multiple times to redesign my clothes but always fail. So I took it upon my self to try and create an Off-Shoulder Top that I've seen all the girls wearing on social media. Theirs are purchased ones you can get on any online store but why go out and buy a $20 blouse when you can make it yourself for $5-10. No sewing machine needed.


Hey Dolls!

 I jus recently did a video on my Youtube Channel with my infamous OUTRE Purple Pack Human Hair BIG Beautiful Hair Weave 4C-COILY I'm inlove with this wig I wear it everywhere. These hairstyles is if youre in a hurry and your hair looks ragidy you can always throw on the wig and do some of these quick styles!

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