5 Major Things that turn off Women

Hey Guys! 

I know this is a bit off niche but I love my random thoughts and love sharing them too but can you relate to the 5 turn offs down below? (This was written from 2016)

1. Falling Asleep Early

NO! Ladies don't accept it. We females love a late Nighter. Guys you should never be falling asleep before the females. Females love after hours conversations and if you fall asleep she won't have to special after hours with you.

2. Guys with bad breath

Men your mouth must always be the cleanest thing on you because that's actually the second thing that approaches people (the first is obviously your appearance). "I remember dating a guy is breath was fine until couple months past his mouth start having a stench i was so concerned i bought him sweets and tell him lets get something to eat but it just seem like the scent wasn't going anywhere until i told him and he said it's because he barely eats he's saving up so he doesn't eat during the day" That developed the bad breath (lk tf his breath smelt like it never had colgate before) not sound like an awful person but it was terrible. Never kissed him again for months we broke up eventually. So men don't let saving money stop you from brushing your teeth and eating throughout the day.REMEMBER A FRESH BREATH A DAY KEEPS YOUR GIRL INTACT.

3. Cheap guys

Nobody likes a person who never wants to spend their money! Even if you just met a girl and go on a date make an effort to pick up the bill. Dont go to an expensive restaurant if you know you can't afford it. The hype is not good! Most females love the little things a guy do (eg. Invite over for dinner) But in the real world before you ask a girl out please make sure you have money to spend. Sharing a bill is nothing if the girl you carrying out is not cheap as well (lol worst date ever). Remember nobody likes a miser!

4. BORING Guys.

Females love a guy with a sense of humor. If you dont got that i'm sorry! We love a good laugh and if we can't get that you're pretty much not good enough. Even if you have to fake it, you need to loosen up, HAVE FUN.

5. Untidy Guys

Every woman loves when a man is properly groomed. Females never want to smell a guy with a bad odour that's really disgusting. Ladies don't you love when a man is well put together like a stock of cash? lol i know i like that. GENTLE MEN ALWAYS BE CLEAN.

Designing for the future: Trends we need to consider now

Hey Dolls

As you all know I'm a Beauty and Fashion Blogger, this blog post is a part of Design Blogger Competition organized by CGTrader

Century Clothing
Trends we should consider now, I've never been to a prom or a ball before but I would love to go I was thinking how is that clothing for balls and prom has change so ridicuolously person are literally wearing nothing to prom. In the 1800s wearing corset and cage crinoline was a big thing dressing like a princess. We should definitely make that a trend for now and the future. Wearing big clothes was a 90s thing but stop since the 2000s because everyone wants be in skinny jeans and tight clothes that stop your blood circulation. I would definitely love if mom jeans became a trend and over size shirt. For example fashion has become a trend that will never stop lately on Instagram lingerie that has being worn privately when in home is now being worn on the street as a trend.

How to Transition from Coffee to Cocktails

Hey Dolls 

Todayyy I'm going to show you how I transition from day to night. Im going to give you a scenerio where you wake up in the morning to get coffee and do Errands and then go clubbing in the night in the same exact outfit. Dont think its possible ? read below ♥

So wake up get ready, I go out for coffee in a natural makeup look with lipgloss, my hair in a pony tail, nob earrings and cross over shoulder bag with you all know you should have a clutch purse with your money, any earrings I always have hoop earrings and Makeup like mascara and eyeshadow palette with a Red/dark lipstick inside your shoulder bag. (would you guys like a post with items every girl needs to have in her bag?)

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