Summer Off-shoulder Cotton Dress Wishlist | ZAFUL

Hey Lovess!

Its the middle of summer but in Jamaica our independence is near August 6 and we definitely know what's trending. Off-shoulder clothing has come back into style for 2017, everyone is wearing these cute Off-shoulder cotton dresses. Zaful has so much Off-shoulder cotton dresses to choose from on their user friendly site. My wish list below:

How cute is this flower pattern cotton dress? The flower patches trend came to light in the spring this year I was a bit off edge about them just being on every top I saw. Then my little sister got one and it look super cute on her so I'm definitely dying to purchase one of these. It will definitely be the hottest with a nice shoulder bag from zaful.

REVIEW: Clairol Root touch-up Nice'n Easy


I received my new voxbox from influenster.  They teamed up with Clairol a hair product company. Just a funny story so I signed to another company to receive this same box and $70 to write a review but turns out the company couldn't send me the product because my address had problems and you know once you get a personal email saying blah blah the campaign is pretty much directed to you. I was told so much stories that they're gonna try to fix my address problems lol they didnt they just took me out the campaign and I never gotten an email since moral of the store is has one door closes another one opens.

My Night Time Beauty Routine

Hey Dolls

Today I want to share my night beauty routine, "Just a disclaimer what works for me might not work for you."

First thing I do as it touches 8 o'clock I make sure I've eaten and showered my two top things before I jump into bed. To touch a bit on skin care for the past months I've been broken out gotten couple open pores, fine bumps and acne scars I had no idea where they came from I could play the blame game all day long but I went out and bought few cleansers for my face.


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Let’s get in the mood for Spring/Summer with this POP OF YELLOW makeup tutorial! Glowy and flawless for the hot days to come! Its not an every day talk through its just a quick makeup! Hope you enjoy & thanks for watching!

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